Allied Health Services

Psychologist - Dr Anne Angelkovska

Anne’s philosophy is to value each person; to bring about a developing awareness, drawing out individual strengths to help savour the joys, fun and moments of appreciation in life and to stand ‘with’ the individual when resolve is needed to bounce back, or merely sit with them through life’s challenges.

Her experience is extensive with a psychology and education background. Her interests lie with assessment and counselling of children for behavioural and developmental disorders, in addition to counselling families and a variety of individual needs.

Working with young children, adolescents and adults.

Please contact reception for an appointment on 9493 3146

Non attendance will incur a fee. Appointment reminders are sent for your convenience.

Dietitian - Kaveri Pathak

Kaveri is pursuing a PhD in Nutrition. Her interests include presentations and conducting discussion groups for healthy eating, diabetes and heart health, as well as running healthy cooking sessions.

Kaveri is available on Saturdays.

Please contact reception for an appointment on 9493 3146

Speech Pathologist – Elizabeth Joshua

Elizabeth has a wide range of services available to our patients. Please see the below list.

Services for Children:

Speech delay
Speech and language impairment
Speech sound disorders (speech clarity issues)
Correcting lisps
Mealtime Management
Alternate Augmentative Communication (AAC)
Difficulties in social skills
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Global Development Delay
Speech languages difficulties in Bilingual or Multilingual Children
Therapy in English, Malayalam, Hindi or Kannada

Services for Adults:

Dysphagia management (swallowing difficulties)
Aphasia and Dysarthria
Adults with Disabilities
Word-finding difficulties (in various neurological conditions)
Communication difficulties (speech language and social behaviour issues in dementia, head injuries etc)
Palliative Care (dysphagia and communication consultation)
Aged Care Speech Pathology

Elizabeth also can help individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Neurological Impairments, Progressive Neurological Conditions, Head Injury, Head Cancers and Neck Cancers.

Dysphagia Management Training available for families/Support Workers/Organizations.

Contact Details

Elizabeth Joshua Ampattu
Phone: 0476 303 784

Podiatrist - Daniel Cuningham

Daniel Cunningham is a leading Perth based podiatrist who graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. Daniel is a published author and is an active contributor to research in the podiatry field.

Daniel specialises in the treatment of your foot and leg concerns utilising modern treatment techniques. He has a broad scope of expertise with interests in orthotics, paediatrics (children), sports podiatry, surgery and geriatrics (elderly).

Daniel has a passion for providing a friendly podiatry service and will spend the time to listen to your issues. He will tailor an appropriate treatment plan and achieve the best possible outcome. Daniel has an interest in all aspects of podiatry, whether you require general podiatry care or surgery.

Please contact reception for an appointment on 9493 3146


The Future of Pathology is Here

At Australian Clinical Labs, we combine pathology leadership, ground-breaking technology and the best scientists in the field to bring better outcomes for doctors and patients alike. We are the largest pathology provider of public hospitals in Australia and one of the top choices amongst private practices across the country.

Enhance Physiotherapy

Enhance Physiotherapy has been operating since 2010 with practices in Mandurah, Como, and of course here at Forest Lakes Medical Centre.

All of our centres offer a wide range of services to help assess and treat your symptoms.
Whether it’s a niggle or something a little more serious, our Physio’s are happy to help.

Please ring  (08) 6161 8901 for an appointment

Attune Hearing

Attune Hearing is now available at Forest Lakes Medical Centre.

Their services include:

  • Free Baseline Hearing Tests
  • Same day results
  • Discuss with your Doctor for further testing if required
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